Short sleep potentially promotes cardiac remodelling

Short sleep potentially promotes cardiac remodelling

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Short sleep duration may induce adverse changes in cardiac structure even at younger ages, according to a study, underscoring the value of getting adequate sleep in order to protect cardiac structure.
4 Jan 2017 - General
Yay! Thanks for tagging me to this article Jemelyn Mae Sodusta. I am quite surprised with the findings of this study! Though the respondents isn't that much to make a significance in its application worldwide, still a good to know topic though. This is simply underscoring the statement of us being adviced to have more rest and sleep. Enough sleeping hours for our body is what we need the most. Not too much n...
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This only means that it is better to sleep with 7- 9 hours per day or even more. We have to balance everything and prioritize the needs of our body. Even if this study needs a further research, it is still helpful to know the difference of having normal, short and long sleep. Thank you for sharing this article. Madhubabu kaaja If you don't mind, I'd like to mention ...
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