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4 Jan 2017 - General

Has anyone heard of Lighter Life? I was working with Locum Staff today and she mentioned to me her weight loss journey. She was a UK size 24, but after 5 months of observing Lighter Life, she is now a UK size 14. I don't know how heavy she is as we only talked about dress sizes. But, you can see the big difference there. She told me about Calorie counting of about 600 calories a day or having those 4 specially made meals from Lighter Life for the day. Afterwards, she undergoes a CBT as they believe that gaining weight and eating too much is all in the mind and it helps with controlling what you eat. Anyway, I haven't done much research about this but thought of sharing it to the community just in case anyone knew about this or had personal experience with Lighter Life.

Hi Jemelyn Mae Sodusta , as mentioned in my initial post, it took her 5 months to be in size 14. I know! Only 5 months. I am very proud of what she has done, that's why I thought of sharing it here in the community. Thank you Mahmoud AbdelAziz for looking into this, and as like any other weight loss program, we need to have s...
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I have never heard about this. Is this available in the Philippines or other country? I hope to find one in our country. I am amaze how the size of her dress changed. Though, i am not familar with the dress sizes but the thought of losing is already amazing. By the way, Kathleen Peralta how long does it take for her to have that size? I'd like to read comment coming from the mims community. Is there anyone ...
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