5 ways to diminish your perioperative patient's anxiety

5 ways to diminish your perioperative patient's anxiety

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Patients can often feel anxious, especially close to surgical procedures. While anxiety is a perfectly normal human reaction, if it is not controlled, it can pose a serious health problem. Here are five ways that you can effectively diminish your perioperative patient’s anxiety.
4 Jan 2017 - General
As a resident, it is very common for me to see patients who are anxious prior to an elective brain or spine surgery. They usually fear devastating complications that will render them disabled. Personally, i think that the best way to diminish the pat...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz
Yes, it is not easy at all to know that you will fall asleep while surgeon will open your body and you will experience mixed feelings will I wake up again or no?
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Anxiety, nervousness and restlessness may be present in the patients before and even during surgical procedures. Many of my patients also feel anxious especially during routine dental procedures. When it comes to surgical procedures, I have experienc...
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Putting myself to those patients who will undergo surgery, no doubt that anxiety are reaching out. Good tips on how to handle preoperative patients with anxiety. If i am the patient and i got all needed informatiin about my surgery that will lessen t...
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Surgical procedures are among the most stressful situations a human being can experience. A patient knows that he is going to be sent to sleep while a surgeon is opening his body and touching his internal organs. We should be fully aware of what pati...
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