The patient’s differential treatment of nurses and doctors

The patient’s differential treatment of nurses and doctors

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Due to a common - but not usually true - generic image of the nursing profession that has developed over the years, it is sadly also common for a patient to show less respect to nurses than doctors or other healthcare professionals.
4 Jan 2017 - General
Rudeness is a behavioural issue. Rude patients tend to be rude to doctors too. A decent human knows how to treat other humans with respect whether nurse, physio, pharmacist or cleaner. This goes to healthcare professionals too. Don't be rude to y...
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Unfortunately, a lot of patients treat nurses and doctors differently. In our local practice, there are some patients who even treat nurses as if they are their house help, asking them to do particular tasks that no longer fits the job description of...
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This may be a case when the patient is uneducated. I have experienced that although the patients rely for their treatment and care on the doctors more when compared to the nurses, they are more comfortable in sharing their problems, medical or someti...
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we might faced the situations to deal with the red-faced, hot-tempered person is gave another in place of by a kind, respectful design to be copied example of a person getting care as the science, medical expert moves in the room to talk with them. S...
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