MOH Malaysia: Doctors need to be trained before performing circumcisions

MOH Malaysia: Doctors need to be trained before performing circumcisions

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Following the two botched circumcisions reported in December, the Health Ministry will evaluate all domestically performed circumcision procedures to prevent future incidences from occurring.
4 Jan 2017 - General
Awww. This might cause a psychological disabilities in the future. Really frustrating and absolutely dissatisfactory. If giving them a training will help them enhance their skills and refresh their knowledge, then it is more better to conduct this to...
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Of course doctors need to be trained in order to perform any medical procedure, especially if it entails surgery. In the Philippines, it is common to have surgical missions during summer, wherein boys are circumcised for free. This is actually an opp...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz
I totally agree with article that doctors should be trained before doing this circumcisions, doing it wrong will off course has many dangerous side effects.
In po...
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We as doctors are confused as to how this can happen . The media report makes it even more confusing .
Why at all Media should be entertained .
Inform our Proffessional bodies .Let us into this professional discussion n after conclusion le...
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Although male circumcision is a simple and very very old safe practice, botched circumcisions are totally unacceptable and psychologically devastating for sure.The recent unfortunate circumcision related incidents have been serious enough to push tow...
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