Nursing behind prison walls

Nursing behind prison walls

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One career option for nurses is working with the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology. While they are usually hired as jail officers, there are those who get the invaluable experience of serving as a healthcare professional and find a lot of fulfillment in the job.
4 Jan 2017 - General
Kathleen Peralta I can imagine that the nurse/patient ratio in UK prisons are more acceptable than what we have in our region. As you may know, the prisons in Manila are overly populated, making the working environment unfavorable and the nursing practice more challenging. However, not all prisons are like that. In particlar, I have visited the Iwahig prison and Penal farm in Palawan, which is not populated and, ...
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Personally, I was not aware that there is a career opportunity for nursing professionals in prisons. Like what was mentioned, Nurse Angie is a brave woman because I don't think a lot of nurses will opt to go into that career direction for security reasons plus the treatment facilities are very limited, with only three beds for sick inmates in a prison population of 4,000! I'd like to ask nursing professionals in this community if they are willing to work in prisons. ...
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Becoming a nurse also means being flexible. Almost in all forms of work, nurses are most likely qualified and be able to function as being directed. Being jail officers at the same time a nurse can be just one of they exotic places a nurse may work. I also have a classmate who is working in prison in Australia. You are mainly putting your safety at risk but in terms of compensation, then it's better than those ordinary nurses deployed in the hospital. I salute those who have chosen this work...
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