Does Music Help You Sleep? How to Help Insomnia by Listening to Music

Does Music Help You Sleep? How to Help Insomnia by Listening to Music

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Does music help you sleep? Here’s how to help insomnia naturally.
4 Jan 2017 - General
Music is known to be the language of our soul. For thousand of years back, music has proven its effectiveness in a vast majority. I personally listen to music most of the time, especially when I have difficulty in sleeping. I always choose instrumental songs such as piano or guitar of my most favorite songs. Compiling them into an album and playing before I go to sleep is more than effective enough for me. It will relax your senses, calm and maybe if you are a music lover you'll have this ce...
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Music is an art that being existing from at least 50,000 years with us. It soothes, calms and even relaxes more mind and body. I prefer classical music rather than fast beat songs especially I listen my favourite music when ever I am unable to sleep. It takes only 10 minutes time for me to go into a deep sleep. It is a great therapy and adverse event free. Todays doctors should prefer music for patient rather than going directly to a sleeping pill. It is also family members responsibility to kno...
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Marinelle Castro, Jennifer Winter Thank you for your valuable opinion. I have experienced that instrumental music especially flute sound helps well for relaxation and getting sleep. I think although music therapy can definitely be used as an adjunct for the treatment of insomnia. Also, there are specifically designed music pieces ...
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Hmmm well that all really depends. Music can help put you to sleep ergo the idea of the lullaby but this also keeps your senses up. I have seen others and I as well tried it myself to play music to block out outside noise. This I tried while on an airplane as people talking, babies crying, people walking about etc really keep you up (especially since from hospital work I easily wake up as I sense footsteps as someone coming to me to refer a patient). Insomnia is a bit more deeper rooted so it ma...
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