4 futuristic surgical tools that will reshape the face of medicine

4 futuristic surgical tools that will reshape the face of medicine

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Modern surgery was pioneered by John Hunter in the 1700s. Since then, the invention of the da Vinci surgical robot was a game changer in the fields of surgery.
4 Jan 2017 - General
At present, in neurosurgery, advanced surgical tools are limited to neuronavigation, which helps neurosurgeons precisely localize lesions for less invasive surgery. I am looking forward to the possibility of nanorobots as surgical tools, which will m...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz
There are incredible efforts going in medicine fields to facilitate doctors work and provide the best results for patients whatever their cases.
I believe that th...
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The one incision laparoscopy is mind blowing of course. Jennifer Winter I know some surgeons performed one incision laparoscopic hysterectomy, varicocelectomy and vasectomy last year. It a...
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The minds of our surgeons of the past would be absolutely boggled if they found out that inanimate objects would play such a large role in the field. I am quite interested to see more of these advancements and would love to see the laparoscopic surge...
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I like that medicine field is growing leaps and bounds in the recent years. the advances in medicine and health sciences are crucial in facilitating the patients with better care and opportunities. As discussed in the post, operation theaters are get...
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Surgical tools are witnessing a revolution especially after the introduction of the electronic systems in almost everything in our daily life. The hopes are high to achieve better surgical outcomes through using such advancements. All these futuristi...
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