Helping doctors keep up with the medical knowledge explosion

Helping doctors keep up with the medical knowledge explosion

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The exponential rate at which new medical information is discovered is becoming too much for doctors to learn and recall accurately. Better methods need to be developed to aid doctors in processing available information for the benefit of their patients.
4 Jan 2017 - General
In my training institution, we do not have a specialized team to sort through information. To better out knowledge, we have weekly conferences and multidisciplinary meetings to clarify and iron interpretation of available information. We also have jo...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz it great news that doctors can depend on a trusted source to be up to dated, hope they advertise it so all over the world doctors depend on it.
It is true that patient...
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I definitely need to point out this subtitle, "Patients often have unrealistic expectations of doctors" in particular as it is a very common one. The field of medicine, as we all know, is very vast. It is difficult to master it all which is...
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Doctors are always expected to have encyclopedic knowledge. That is why the huge amount of medical publications nowadays poses an increasing burden on healthcare professionals especially doctors to keep up to date. The article mentions a promising el...
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