When the Relative is a Doctor

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4 Jan 2017 - General

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There are instances when the relative of a patient is a doctor and this could go both ways. The good scenario results in the relative doctor keeping the patient and relatives re-assured of what is being done. The bad side results in the doctor crossing the border of ethical boundaries and wanting to take part in management. I have my fair share of experience on both spectrum. My take on the topic is that doctors should remain within the boundary of a relative when not directly involved with the case. It is unethical and disrespectful to our colleagues to question their management plans and will lead to more stress for the patient. For the MIMS community, what is your experience when encountering a patient who is accompanied by a relative who happens to be a doctor too?

When the relative is a doctor, it is a matter of stress for the health care professional . At times it helps the HCP to excel in terms of patient management by thinking all the possible alternatives. But it can happen, the relative doctor questions the treatment imparter. At such times, the HCP should remain calm and explain the reasoning behind the particular approach. The treatment and the patient management should be well documented to prevent further questioning in the future by the relative...
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