Empowering Patients

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4 Jan 2017 - General

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One of the vital roles of a physician is to be a patient motivator. We can do this by proper explanation of possible bumps when dealing with illnesses, especially the degenerative ones. This empowers the patient to go on with daily activities and stay re-assured that common symptoms are part and parcel of the disease. An example for my field would be stressing that physical activity is actually beneficial for patients diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I explain that moving can actually help the synovial fluid circulate and facilitate nutrient absorption. What are some examples of advice that you give to patients concerning their disorder?

In my specialty, we handle a lot of patients with disabilities as a result of their compromised neurologic function. It is common for patients to feel depressed whenever they lose an important function. I usually empower them by letting them know tha...
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There are different medicines for a particular disease. But theses medicines are not the whole and soul. There is a lot of supportive treatment for these diseases. If the supportive treatment is followed, the diseases are easily dealt with and the re...
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