Music and Medicine - Danielle Ofri

Music and Medicine - Danielle Ofri

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The moment has finally arrived. After 3 years of sweating through etudes, scales, and Suzuki practice books, my teacher utters the words that every cello student yearns to hear: “It’s time to start the first Bach suite.” Studying cello as an adult hasn't been the easiest task. But neither is medicine.
5 Jan 2017 - General
I have quite a number of friends (also MDs) who play in bands even when we were in medical school. I feel that the take home message of the article is to pursue our passion too. The greatest crime we commit as healthcare professionals is that we do n...
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Music therapy indeed a great therapy and relaxing as said by Jennifer Winter, and we discussed there about listening to music when cosmetic operations being done. Music can not heal all dis...
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I believe that music serves as an outlet for doctors who pursue it. That is really something on how the ones who made it into Julliard and Eastman School of Music shifted towards medicine instead. To jump from creative arts to science is quite a leap...
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Such an interesting story. I was surprised to know that most doctors and medical profesionals are hooked up to music. It was stated in the article that, she can't find a single accountants’ orchestra, or architects’ orchestra, or engineers’ orche...
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