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5 Jan 2017 - General

In our day to day living, it is not new to stumble with persons who are really different from our way of thinking. Each of us are unique, however there are just persons who forget the need of sharing important information. 

For example, you were given a task to finish as soon as possible by your headnurse. Unfortunately, you were not informed to do so because your colleague is the person who got the information. The thought that both of you are talking continuosly and still, wasn't able to relay the message to you. Only to discover that when the headnurse will follow up with your task. 

At first, i am actually really frustrated. Anyhow, I understand that each of us might be having problems that made us forget necessary things. And the fact that i don't know what that person is going through. What i have done is i confronted her and let it passed.

Do you have any similar situation? How did you manage it? Share your experience

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Everyone is considered unique and different. Each one has their own likes, dislikes, beliefs, disbeliefs, priorities and the like. With regards to this example, I have encountered a lot of situation confronting the same thought. I would just simply hear the reason why the information wasn't delivered real time and try to consider and understand the person. However if the situation keep on repeating then that's the time to become frustrated and angry. They may have no intention of forgett...
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It's true that everybody is different and we work with individuals with different values and has been trained differently compared to ours. So, when working in a group I guess, it is best to communicate what is expected from each member so there are no overlapping of duties or no one is doing more/ less than the other. As for me, I find it hard to verbalise what I want and take the lead as I don't know if I will upset people, so most of the time I end up just saying, "whatever you w...
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Jemelyn Mae Sodusta Differences in professional conduct are definitely common in healthcare settings. I have similar experiences at my workplace wherein nurses or junior residents forget to inform me of referrals. This is very frustrating because of the considerable delays in assessment and institution of treatment. I manage this by documenting the delays in the patient's chart, so that they are aware of the...
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Jemelyn Mae Sodusta I go through this situation very frequently. In India, the dental nurses do not have to undergo a professional course for the job title. We have to give them training and make them understand the whole process, how things work in dentistry. This can be frustrating as we are working with untrained assistants but as the topic says we all are not the same, we have to deal with the situation patie...
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The most difficult person I get to deal with is the one who works much slower than my pace. When one person in a group is slow, it makes the whole project slower, or to meet deadline the others have to work a lot harder. I was tasked to do one such project with a colleague of mine who was much slower than me. Not his fault, it was just his way, and probably I am bit of a fast worker compared to others. Well I did not confront to him. I worked at my pace. I ended up doing the most of the work but...
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