Hit the new year hard with 7 easy HIIT exercise tips

Hit the new year hard with 7 easy HIIT exercise tips

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Many of us cannot help groaning at the thought of getting into exercise, but high intensity interval training helps burn calories more rapidly, provides a full body workout for maximum fitness, and saves time.
5 Jan 2017 - General
High intensity interval training workouts definitely have the advantage of increasing one's metabolism while enhancing the cardiovascular system. This is best for people with busy lifestyle because workouts are more efficient compared to steady s...
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I think this post will be quite useful for me as my new year resolution for 2017 is trying a new form of exercise. Cardio, zumba and pilates - I have tried these forms and so I am excited to include a new method for the new year. This form of high in...
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Everyday we as healthcare professionals find dozens of reasons to motivate us into exercising. But for most of us it becomes just a positive thought that fades away until we seethe next case with a young myocardial infarction! 2016 is gone, and we ar...
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High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT) are alternate to intense aerobic exercises takes about 30 mins which is useful for cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. As we are in new year and who wants to start the HIIT exercise can avail from below giv...
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