5 more of the most disastrous stories of human error in medicine

5 more of the most disastrous stories of human error in medicine

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Human error continues to turn routine procedures into disastrous incidents, and, more often than not doctors are left to bear sole responsibility for these errors.
5 Jan 2017 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz
We can't say that doctors are ideal people that shouldn't make any mistakes in their work, but because their work is very critical and any minor mistake will give a huge undesirable result, that is why making mistakes is not acceptable by most of us.
Good work atmosphere and organized day with comfortable private life will for sure help minimize such mistakes from professional d...
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We are, just like anyone, prone in making mistakes. It is good to have someone who are taking extra caution in every step they have to take. In this industry, it is not new if surgeons/ physicians, etc. will ask help from his or her colleague for any suggestions and recommendations. It is still better to make sure that every procedure is done with sound and correct diagnosis than risking the lives of their patients. The key for a successful treatment is communication. To avoid incident like what...
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Medicine is a profession in which even the slightest degree of error or mistake can have a disastrous effect on the patient's life. In my clinical practice, I have come across many failed RCT cases. However, the biggest blunder that I came across that was the extraction of the wrong tooth. The dentist had extracted upper right first molar instead of the upper right second molar. This happened due to the miscommunication between the dentist who had done the check up and the one who was perfor...
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