Eating disorders in men: An underestimated epidemic

Eating disorders in men: An underestimated epidemic

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In Singapore and Malaysia, approximately 8.7% and 13.5% of males are diagnosed with eating disorders. For many young men, it is detrimental as they bear the double stigma of having a mental illness - especially one normally categorised as female.
5 Jan 2017 - General
Eating disorders also considered as mental disorders greatly affects women compared to men. Surprisingly men aren't considered to have this because it is considered as a weak attribution. The society nowadays are busy going into strict dietary pl...
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I am particularly surprised at the statistics that were mentioned in the article because eating disorders in men are not very common in our locality. However, it is noticeable that a lot of men engage in physical fitness activities to enhance their m...
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Eating disorders are very common in women but it is surprising that about 3 % American men are also affected by eating disorder. A recent survey has shown that eating disorder in men is increasing in Malaysia and Singapore. I wonder how eating disord...
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