6 of the world’s first plastic surgeries

6 of the world’s first plastic surgeries

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Where it was once used to enhance disfiguring conditions, plastic surgery has made advances from reconstructive surgery for war soldiers to aesthetic transformations for celebrities as well as ordinary men and women who desire to fix their imperfections.
5 Jan 2017 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz using of plastic surgeries in fixing disfigurements is great and I think this is the aim of being in first place and I totally encourage them.
Nowadays these surgeries...
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This article shows that plastic surgeries were mainly developed out of the need to reconstruct anatomical parts for better cosmetic outcomes and function. It is amazing how this surgical subspecialty have evolved since then. At present, there are num...
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The aim of plastic surgery was to treat and fix disfigurements and war injuries in the first place. The concept was mainly constructive not aesthetic. It is very good to read through the historic background and the first cases in each plastic surgery...
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