PH: ‘Normal’ baby born of Zika-infected mother

PH: ‘Normal’ baby born of Zika-infected mother

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The 16-year pregnant old girl – who contracted Zika during the third trimester of her pregnancy - has given birth to a baby showing no signs of microcephaly, the Department of Health (DOH) reports.
6 Jan 2017 - General
Zika virus cases are now much controlled and it is very positive that zika infected mothers are giving birth the normal infants. According to DOH report 16 years girl has given birth a baby that has no sign of microcephaly as she became zika infected...
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Zika virus has been internationally popular the latter part of 2016 infecting all age groups accross the globe. One of the complications of this are babies born who are microcephaly and the worst could be developing Guillain Barre's Syndrome. Thi...
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