Social medicine: Using the social life of patients to manage diseases

Social medicine: Using the social life of patients to manage diseases

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When managing chronic diseases, doctors often see prescribed therapy falling on deaf ears, especially if patients have a differing mindset regarding their health. Tapping into the fact that humans are socially motivated, social medicine utilises personal relationships to get patients committed to healthy behaviour.
6 Jan 2017 - General
I noticed all age groups who are lacking social connections are more likely to get disease. Social connected peoples are have more chances for recovery. I used to build up social relations with patients rather than limiting to professional activities...
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Our institution has a support group for patients who have had stroke. I think this form of social support is helpful in helping patients cope with their disease. Every month, organizers from the neurology section set up an educational lecture for the...
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Socialization or shall we say imparting your life experiences to others has found some benefits to the contribution of well being of others. This is sort of a positive move in a way we can help inspire others with our personal experiences, share abou...
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Feeling socially involved has immensely positive impact on individual wellbeing. We can see the striking difference between lonely patients and their socially active counterparts. Socializing the healthcare experience remains at its crawling stages. ...
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