Hiring for your medical practice: The right questions to ask

Hiring for your medical practice: The right questions to ask

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Hiring someone for your medical practice is no easy task. If you are not thorough in the interview process, you might end up with an incompatible and unprofessional candidate, which will be bad news for your medical practice.
6 Jan 2017 - General
About interviewing I too not heard for doctors as Mark Edmon Tan told but a medical professional in coming days required to screen from more candidates and to screen to matching status of hospital demands and working cultures etc. Here given questions are common as per my experience. The all researchers in pharmaceutical are aware of this questions. From young doctors more expectations are fulfilled by this quest...
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Thank you for sharing this article Tahira Nawaz . Honestly, I have never experienced interviewing a candidate for a particular position. If I were in charge of interviewing, I would leave an attendance sheet for the interviewees to sign in. Showing up on time is very essential for me because it means the candidate values the job. I agree with you ...
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Hiring a healthcare professional for a medical practice can be a tricky task. Apart from the educational requirements and the certifications, it is also necessary to investigate about the character of the person, whether or not trust worthy and how the behaviour with the patient is. As discussed in the community, last few weeks, the incidences of killing or murdering by a nurse or a doctor with criminal mentality is increasing and so tight scrutiny should be exercised during the selection of the...
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Every healthcare institution has this one aim to provide the best and be the best among the rest. The backbone of each institution most especially for hospital setting will always be its nurses and doctors. Well basically everyone who works for the hospital though. Hiring someone who's qualified for the job might be crucial thus this article may help employers to choose if not the best but the right ones. I think the most beneficial question that a employer should ask must be the ability of ...
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