News Bites: Breathalyzer can identify 17 diseases, FDA makes antibiotics illegal for livestock

News Bites: Breathalyzer can identify 17 diseases, FDA makes antibiotics illegal for livestock

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This week, Australian scientists have developed a way to 3D-print human heart tissue and British scientists have made progress in a possible new antibiotic for treatment against gonorrhoea. Doctors in the US have recently performed the first experimental deep brain stimulation for stroke surgery and a company in the US have developed portable perfusion systems to keep organs alive until they are ready to be transplanted.
6 Jan 2017 - General
Breath analyzer is a good technique to identify a wide range of disease but cost wise it is more that I am guessing as the technology behind to which we should pay for it. But moreover it should be most accurate method as like invasive currently we a...
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Tahira Nawaz
The efforts done by researchers are remarkably huge and giving an unbelievable results to help doctors doing their best and provide patients with the maximum care.
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I think the news about the breath analyser was discussed in the community before. It is really beneficial if this device really can do what it says it can do. I wonder what is the latest situation of the device. Is it available for consumers, or heal...
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I like the way you have elaborated the current advances in medical field and like you I am also hoping for more researches and inventions in this field to facilitate the patients. Thank you ...
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Every year billions of money are being invested with research and the hope to bring the latest inventions that could help the improvement of health for human beings. Having a quick glimpse on the following hacks over time, gives us hope that there is...
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I am happy to see that we receive positive health care news on daily basis it is a good proof that scientists and researchers are trying to discover new treatment options, diagnostic procedures and strategies to fight against diseases to help the pat...
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