Why every healthcare practitioner should aspire to write a book

Why every healthcare practitioner should aspire to write a book

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Each of us has our own stories, but the prospect of encapsulating our experiences in words can be quite daunting. Yet, leaving your imprints on timeless pages can open doors to not just your own transformation but also your patients’.
6 Jan 2017 - General
This is a good to see that writing books have several advantages. But it require some writing skills with experience not an easy task to write a book even it takes months also to complete in a full fledged way. Selection of topic or subject is most c...
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By simply reading this topic, the points are very inspiring and made me to keep on reading. Writing a book about your certain expertise on a topic or situation may inspire others who have the same situation that you had in the past. It is true that y...
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It is indeed a good idea to start writing a book. For me though there are two main hurdles that I have to jump to get this done. One is to find the time it takes to write a book. And the next is to organize from where I am going to begin and from whe...
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Aside from the items that were already mentioned, I think that writing a book can also help a person achieve a full sense of self-realization. Sometimes we are too busy to notice and appreciate the work that we do. Aside from sharing with others, nar...
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