Nurses: 3 reasons to improve your interpersonal skills

Nurses: 3 reasons to improve your interpersonal skills

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In healthcare, where everything is fast-paced and busy, patients and nurses alike can easily get stressed out and become agitated at short notice. As such, advanced interpersonal skills are required to resolve situations with high tension, and smoothly resolve any problems that arise from misunderstandings.
6 Jan 2017 - General
It is really neccessary in our profession to have good interpersonal skills for we are dealing with people, their lives. For me, another way to make myself more confident is i always make sure that prior entering the room of my patient, i must be knowlegeable with my patients' case (so that i can answer their queries right away) , and i always make sure that i am knowledgeable with the indications and side effects of their drugs (for some are not aware why they are taking a certain medicati...
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Almost not everyone are able to develop a strong interpersonal skill. Most especially to those who are shy enough to express their thoughts and speak up. Being a nurse, you have no escape but to utter unending words and face numerous people in our practice. Some could be good to you and mostly they are not. Well this are just one of the challenges we are facing most especially in difficult situations. For example, you might have forgotten to remind them to settle the bill first for their 2d echo...
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