"Toxic" Food

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6 Jan 2017 - General

In the Philippines, a very eventful shift is often called a "toxic" duty. Filipinos are known to be folkloric and superstitiious and the hospital is no exception from practicing precauitons to avoid being "toxic". It is said that eating spaghetti or any type of pasta will trigger a cascade of significant events in one shift. Some of my batchmates call this "Sumpang Spaghetti"(The Spaghetti's Curse). For some weird coincidence, I have my most eventful duties when consuming pasta. Of course, we have an antidote to the toxicity by consuming ice cream. For some weird coincidence too, I have experienced having peace and quiet during duties after eating ice cream. I wonder if other MIMS Community members have such beliefs too in their respective hospitals/countries. 

Hello Tahira Nawaz . I think there was a misunderstanding with the word "toxic". Toxic for this post meant having a long and eventful duty. It is widely believed that some food ca...
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Mark Edmon Tan I think the origin of this superstition came from our clinical experiences when we were medical students. I first encountered this superstition from interns and residents du...
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It is quite interesting to read your posts and I am surprised how it is believed. I mean in Pakistan there are no such beliefs where any food can be considered as toxic without medical proof. However people drink black tea on an empty stomach to have...
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