Giving Proper Instructions to Patients

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6 Jan 2017 - General

I would like to share with the group an experience my collegue had with his patient in a charity out-patient clinic in a renowned hospital here in the Philippines. The patient had a local skin infection for which Mupirocin ointment to be applied thrice a day for 5 days was prescribed. A week later, patient came back for follow-up without resolution of his skin infection. My collegue asked him if he was compliant with the regimen and he said that he bought the medicine and "took" it for 5 days as recommended. He added that the taste of the medicine was too unbearable that he even ate it with some bread. This story might seem to be hilarious to many of us but let this be a reminder for all medical practitioners in the group to reiterate to our patients proper medical instructions and make sure that they understand them. Do you have similar experiences as such which you could share to the group? 

Thanks for sharing this experience. I think that it is important to make sure that patients understand treatment instructions in order to avoid any misunderstandings. In my practice, I usually ask them to repeat what I said, and I also ask questions ...
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Awww. This is really sad Dc. Mark Edmon Tan! This is one lesson that we should take our time in explaining to our patients on how to take their medicine correctly. We should ensure that the...
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This type of errors can arouse with a multiple factors like a busy practitioner or may be a busy pharmacist or a uneducated patient. It is all healthcare professionals responsibility to give a proper guidance to patient. When I was in my pharmacy pat...
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