The Emergency Room

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6 Jan 2017 - General

During my ER rotation as a medical intern, I encountered so many cases ranging from serious to relatively benign complaints from patients but there was this specific case I came across with which I could never forget. I was on duty that day and the ER was in full chaos, as usual, when this lady comes in with "an emergency". I started my interview by asking her what she came in for. She said that she was going to the beach the following day and noticed that she had a big insect bite on her leg which she wants to get rid of. I mustered all the patience left in me that day and smiled, gave her an anti-histamine and prepared her discharge instructions. Even if there is no hard and fast rule on what kind of consults should be made at the Emergency Room, people should be aware that this place is for patients who need urgent medical attention. For the MIMS Communtiy, Kindly share your thoughts about this topic. 

Mark Edmon Tan In the last few years, emergency rooms in the Philippines have become more and more crowded. More and more patients seek consultation in the emergency room if they want urgent medical attention, regardless of the urgency of the case. This actually led to problems in terms of controlling patient traffic in ER's. At the institution where I am training at, this problem addressed by dividing the ...
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