Nurses: Staying optimistic in your work

Nurses: Staying optimistic in your work

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As a nurse, you may have to face overwhelming situations at times, such as taking over the duties of an absent colleague, or dealing with over-fussy patients and families and so on. While a pessimistic nurse sees these situations as difficulties, an optimistic one thinks of them as opportunities instead.
7 Jan 2017 - General
I have no way but to agree with the article. Not only with nurses but anyone in the world. May it be a young professional, still schooling or working with a different job or outside the walls of the medical world. Choosing to become optimistic in dealing with difficult, or shall I say challenging situation is a choice. I mean whether you take it it in a positive way, the work becomes lighter. If you're gonna take it negatively, it will become heavier and it would even worsen. Things like thi...
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