Ten years and counting: Project GroomOver

Ten years and counting: Project GroomOver

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Project GroomOver, one of six current community outreach programmes organised by the Singapore General Hospital’s Volunteer Club, has provided over ten years of services to the elderly and the needy.
7 Jan 2017 - General
Project Groom over is inspiring to all hospital staff and is not an easy task to build up a team and maintaining and continuing for 10 years. Voluntary programme that I have not seen in my country and happy to see in Singapore. Volunteer club is usef...
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Tahira Nawaz i'm very glad to know that such a project of volunteering met success and encourages others to participate.
Helping others especially if you are not forced to do has a ...
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This is an ingenious program that maximizes the volunteer efforts of participating individuals and groups in Singapore. Unfortunately, we do not have a similar program in the country. Our volunteer projects for the sick and the needy come in the form...
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Singapore General Hospital Volunteer Club is doing an excellent job to support needy and elderly. Due to volunteer work of such institutions elderly and needy people are being cared. I love the way they are serving humanity in collaboration with heal...
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