6 robotic innovations set to improve key healthcare challenges

6 robotic innovations set to improve key healthcare challenges

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The field of robotics is fast becoming a part of everyday life. In the sector of healthcare technologies, it is providing ready solutions; from fighting cancer to providing companionship.
7 Jan 2017 - General
Robotic technology is another splendid technique especially in health care institution. As I have heard about robot assisted surgeries that are less time taking and very efficient. It is again a great news that robotic technology can help out cancer ...
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Robotics are another field that is rapidly evolving. Robots are capable of doing amazing things these day. Robots replacing some of the work done by human hands can not only make the task more efficient, it can be very cost effective too. MEdicine is...
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Madhubabu kaaja I'm very surprised by the advancement occurring in medical field where technology indulged and give unbelievable results.
Robotic nurse seems very helpful although hu...
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Robots are accurate and advantageousand faster some what here listed robotics that are helpful for our healthcare teams. These are advancing that facilitating a better patient care. Have you ever gone through robotics especially in Singapore and Japa...
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