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7 Jan 2017 - General

With the advent of health information technology, the use of electronic health records is increasingly becoming popular in Western medical institutes. In fact, some studies show that up to 80% of health institutions in the United States have incorporated electronic health records in their system. In our country, this form of technology is not yet widely adopted because of administrative and financial concerns. In the institution wherein I am having my residency at, electronic health records exist, but they are limited to past records of patients that were already discharged. I'd like to ask the community if electronic health records already exist in your current clinical practice, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this technology. 

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Habiba Twakkol Tahira Nawaz I agree that patient confidentiality is an issue in electronic health records. However, in countries wherein electronic health records are commonplace, a lot of doctors actually complain that their access to health records have become restricted only to their patients. With a good IT security team, I th...
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Marinelle Castro
Electronic health records system is an advanced tool of technology which aids in organizing history data of patients and is more reachable and well kept.
In my country we still behind on this technology especially in governmental health sector.
I think that the only disadvantage of this tool that it could be hacked or attacked by virus and i think to prevent such a problem is by perf...
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Madhubabu kaaja If I remember correctly, we use a software program called MIDAS, but this is designed for the institution's software engineers. This is limited to our medical records, so I find this useful for chart review. For real-time documentation, we still use conventional charts. Kathleen Peralta I think that the system...
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Hi Marinelle Castro, In my current clinical practice, majority uses electronic health records from booking patients for surgical operation, to recording their intraoperative details such as time started, anaesthetic status, and surgical scrub team for that particular case. However, there is still some part wherein we use pen and paper to document orher essential information. I find EHR convenient but when the sys...
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Thanking you for starting an interesting topic for discussion. As per my knowledge electronic medical records are not in practise here. Electronic way is using for patient entry and billing recording aspects only and it will take some more time to come in practise in all hospitals here. EHR are advantageous than conventional offline data entry. I recommend both offline and online entry of health records as offline data serves as alternate data backup. What is the software using there for keeping...
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