How to make over your worst health habits

How to make over your worst health habits

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We all have at least one not-so-great behavior we've tried (and tried and tried) to kick: Sucking down super-sweet coffee drinks every morning.
7 Jan 2017 - General
Realising that your habit is not good for your health is the first and basic step of all reforms. If one acknowledges this thing and decides to overcome the habit, then the success is sure to come. Unhealthy habits may be many and as a doctor, it is our duty to make the patient aware of the hazardous effects of some habits. But I believe that nothing can be done unless the patient decides to stop doing it. There are targeted treatments for smoking, drug abuse or even alcoholism. Still to cure a ...
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Habiba Twakkol The use of social media in itself is not a bad habit. However, the abuse of social media for personal reasons is a bad habit that a lot of people do not realize. In fact, I think that there is an epidemic of social media abuse, and the only way to stop it is people quit using social media altogether, or if Facebook will place restrictions on Facebook abuse. Unfortunately, I don't think that bo...
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Marinelle Castro
Bad health habits are a lot and you may don't know that you are already having a lot.
Smoking, drinking alcohol, poor or fatty diet, neglecting exercise, smartphones, poor sleeping and more are existing in our lives.
Social media in my opinion is the secret weapon while you are in it you feel yourself well connected to people but the truth that it's harmful results are more n...
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Madhubabu kaaja With regards to alcohol, I think that healthcare professionals have the responsibility of differentiating someone who is a habitual alcohol drinker from someone with an actual alcohol abuse disorder. A person suffering from latter usually requires more intervention, and should be referred to a mental health specialist for support. For habitual drinkers, I think it will be helpful to cut the habit ...
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This article provides information that health professionals, like ourselves, can recommend to our patients in creating steps to improve their lifestyle. I particularly like what the article wrote about flavored coffee because I have a lot of friends, colleagues and patients who have gained considerable amount of weight from overindulging on frappes and sugary coffee. Not everyone likes plain black coffee, and I think that the practical solution to this problem is to limit the frequency or downsi...
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