5 common foods that may interact with medications

5 common foods that may interact with medications

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Many patients are aware of the risks of multi-drug interactions, but most do not know of certain common foods that should not be consumed with medications, in which doing so may result in dangerous side effects.
8 Jan 2017 - General
Aside from what's already mentioned, patients who are on warfarin should be informed that consumption of food products rich in vitamin K can interfere with its anti-clotting mechanisms. This is the reason why I often hear cardiologists tell their...
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Thank you for sharing this informative article Madhubabu kaaja . Drug interactions with other substances are among the commonest reasons for therapeutic failure. Bananas are a widely popular...
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Interaction of grapefruit with statins is a well known phenomenon therefore patients are often advised not to take a statins after consuming grapefruit. It is also known to interact with dihydropyridines (Nifedipine, amlodipine). The drug concentrati...
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Madhubabu kaaja
This article concerning an important issue that should paid more attention by doctors and pharmacists.
Pharmaceutical companies can start doing campaigns to aware do...
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These are simple yet important pointers that we commonly miss. Most especially in taking antibiotics, avoidance of milk and dairy products during the duration of treatment is unlikely advisable. Few hours gap could be advisable but then it is better ...
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When some medicines can taken with food some can interact with food which may reduce or increase medicine activity. It is our responsibility to advice patient how to take medication. Common foods like bananas, fruit juices, milk foods can interact wi...
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