Can 'smart drugs' really boost intelligence without side effects?

Can 'smart drugs' really boost intelligence without side effects?

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There are never enough hours in a day for many to stay on top of things – sleep, work or one’s personal life is compromised. Can smart drugs help, or are they too good to be true?
9 Jan 2017 - General
Tahira Nawaz
It is my first time to hear about these drugs, their effects is great and can manage many complaints we see nowadays.
Although the side effects mentioned can't be neglected, their role in treatment is very effective and remarked.
I think it is better to use this type of medications in treatment of diseases not because you just want to increase your activity or concentration, it is be...
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Interesting article. If this drug is really effective to improve memory by at least 10%, then it can do wonders for people with dementia. It was also stated that this "limitless" pill can improve a person's cognition and focus...might be a break-through drug for those with ADHD or ADD. The thing about medicine is that it is constantly evolving. Although according to this article, there have been no study yet about its long term side-effects, I still believe that this can help a lot...
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