Bullies of the hospital vs. medical students

Bullies of the hospital vs. medical students

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Where is the line between ‘strict teaching methods’ and downright abusing medical students? The often hushed-up topic of supervisor abuse towards students needs to be brought to light for the greater good of medicine.
9 Jan 2017 - General
Mahmoud AbdelAziz I do retell the stories of the terrors of the past. There is one in particular who I actually look back upon pretty fondly as the experience was actually thrilling. I do not agree with the mind torture but I agree with this particular doctor's principle that we need to know our patients and their cases. I remember it being my first day as a junior intern in the ICU and I didn't know how ...
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Yes, I totally agree with all of you Mark Edmon Tan Heena Pohani Priscilla Mae Gobuyan Marinelle Castro ...
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Having experienced this sort of treatment, I made a promise not to pass on this stupid "rite" to junior colleagues. This sort of "teaching" is not effective, crushes the junior's confidence, and makes one insecure of his/her footing in the hospital. We should act like professionals that are willing to groom future colleagues in a non-barbaric manner. I agree with Marinelle Castro that some...
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Absolutely right! People will treat you the way like they were treated. If you have bad experiences as a person, you don't want other people to suffer the same way like you have don't you? Or sadly victims survive the way people have mistreated them, therefore they might have the thinking of mistreating others the way they were earlier. Depression sometimes is irreversible and hard to handle. As a student you are there to learn and absorb almost all the information needed for you to beco...
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