Singapore scientists lead fight against TB in two novel researches

Singapore scientists lead fight against TB in two novel researches

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NUS scientists have developed synthetic antimicrobial peptides that create drug passageways for antibiotics to fight TB bacteria. Separately, researchers from Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology found a new key mechanism that is responsible for when and how TB bacteria go into dormancy.
9 Jan 2017 - General
It is much appreciated that beating TB and it would be a huge victory if we could wipe this organism away because once you get it you will suffer whole the life if you remain it untreated. It attacks almost all the systems producing a multi systemic ...
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This is good news Madhubabu kaaja . Eradication of Tb is now possible in the near future. As it was considered one of the health problem worldwide. This new innovation will surely help milli...
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Its great that these scientists are addressing the issues when it comes to TB therapy, like cutting down the time it takes to treat the disease. The extended length of time it takes for treatments is one of the reasons why patients fail to comply wit...
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The treatment drugs which we are using now are along back till now no new drugs available for tuberculosis. Two Singapore scientists working on drug resistant tuberculosis. Using a peptide which can drill bacteria to pass drug and eventually killing ...
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