Legal and Ethical Issues Concerning Abortion

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9 Jan 2017 - General

One of the most controversial health issues in society nowadays is the topic of abortion. When is it ethical and when is it not? There is a large number of Catholics in the Philippines. This being said, abortion remain illegal in our country. In some institutions like the University of Santo Tomas Hospital, a patient who comes in due to profuse bleeding following an induced abortion is considered a medico-legal case. The police will be notified about this and the patient will have to face legal matters concerning this after being discharged from the hospital. For the MIMS Community, what is your country's stand on abortion and how do the hospitals respond to this?

Madhubabu kaaja Thank you for sharing your country's policy concerning this delicate issue. It is sad to know that some are still doing abortion illegally. Rajinda Asalage and Marinelle Castro Most of the Asian countries are still not open to ab...
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Mark Edmon Tan Its good that you brought up this topic. As far as I am concerned, the Philippines has one of the most conservative stand on abortion, and there is no such thing as a legally accepted form of abortion. In some Asian countries, therapeutic abortion is allowed. I learned about this because one of my patients have multiple congenital anomalies, aside from hydrocephalus, which was diagnosed prenatally...
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Dr.Mark Edmon Tan, Indian Medical Termination pregnancy act says that one can go go for termination if 1.pregnancy is risk to mother or fetus only if mother is major 2. If mother is minor then with written consignment from Guardian. But I can say pregnancy is being terminated by personal use of contraceptives without prescription by a doctor. Now Indian government planning to give right to abort for individual wo...
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