10 ancient health remedies from Hippocrates

10 ancient health remedies from Hippocrates

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The personification of the ideal physician, Hippocrates is credited with having authored over 60 works containing medical and practical advice. Here are some time-honoured tips to recover from illness.
9 Jan 2017 - General
I would like to stress on what has been said in this article about the importance of being treated by real doctors. Licensed medical doctors dedicated the prime of their live so master their craft and it is always a wiser choice to seek for their advice regarding health issues rather than consult with google or faith healers. In the Philippines, especially in secluded areas like the barrios, witch doctors or "albularios" are usually the ones people go to when they have medical problems...
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I think all the remedies mentioned in this post are applicable and will be helpful today also. Drinking water in sufficient quantities is a thing about which many people are negligent. Also barley water helps to clean the system and release the toxins. Sufficient amount of rest is important for any treatment process as the body gets a chance to revive and rejuvenate. Moreover proper sleep is also essential for proper body functioning. Disturbed sleep or lack of sleep may lead to medical conditio...
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