Workplace violence means de-escalation and breakaway skills now crucial for nursing students

Workplace violence means de-escalation and breakaway skills now crucial for nursing students

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Workplace violence is a complex and common occupational hazard facing the nursing profession but through structured training on de-escalation and breakaway techniques, nursing students are better equipped today, to handle potentially dangerous situations.
9 Jan 2017 - General
We had it in pur university times badly. So nurses are not the only ones who suffer with that work place violence. It becomes horribe when you have strict bosses in your work places. But thouroughing much and pushing would make you stressed and make ...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz
Violence degrees are many and as mentioned could result in deaths not just in healthcare sectors but in all life fields.
It is a great approach that universities ...
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Violence is indeed present everywhere. Not just in the hospital but every place in the world. This is not just present for nurses but as well as doctors and other medical healthcare personnels. You must have at least presence of mind all the time, ke...
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This is a nice topic to discuss here in our community. As violence in workplace is now visible, i guess all of the healthcare professionals should learn how to protect self from harm. Taking a self defense course will actually help us in whatever har...
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I agree that these strategies in this article should be included in the subject matter of Nursing students. But of course, the value of empathy cannot be taught or learned. It should be innate in a person. That is why it is not enough for nurses to b...
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The article discusses a very crucial issue not only for future nurses, but also to all healthcare professionals. All of us can learn from the mentioned strategies indeed. The danger signs mentioned are very interesting and summarize to a good extent ...
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