Nurses: handling patients with challenging conditions – part II

Nurses: handling patients with challenging conditions – part II

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As a nurse, you already know you have to deal with various kinds of patients, from those who have physical limitations up to those diagnosed with mental illnesses. Learning the best way to handle challenging patients will help you grow into a more professional nurse, with the aptitude to manage multiple patient conditions.
9 Jan 2017 - General
Doctors are the ones who engage in decision making in the management of the patient but most of the time the nurses are the ones who are in adirect contact with the patients. The patients may have dangerous communicable diseases but with the thought ...
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it is challenging physical disability and physical and ambulatory support where nurse role is pivotal in making them comfortable and painfree. I am damn sure nurses are known with how to do well with these cases and moreover hospital administration s...
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It is really challenging to care for someone who is unable to perform his or her activities of daily living. From what i have experience, most cases in our station were usually those who are experiencing paralysis. Some were luckily able to move thei...
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The first part of this series tackled more on the broad aspect of becoming a nurse in psychiatric ward. The second part of the story deal mostly on patients with physical disabilities or are physically challenged. For some patients, some of their act...
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