Fun at Hospital/Workplace

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10 Jan 2017 - General

Fun is good. Work isn’t always fun, but if it is “fun” every once and a while, it is a “good” thing. a words said by Dr. Seuss . Fun at work place makes stress free. It improves performance level and improves productivity. It improves HCP to HCPs coordination. It is our version. Coming to paitent benifits it can aid ealy recovery and have good association with HCPs. My work area is fun oriented and wherever possible it is fullly packed with comments which makes us stress free. Dear fellow MIMS community members share here fun at your hospitalsor work place. How you are managing stress with fun? How your fun helped patients?

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Working as a health care professional is so stressful and currently I feel it. So to over come that work stress we met at our work places, it is better if we practice fun at our work places. But we have ro maintain our reputation in front of the pati...
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All of us would like to have fun amidst our busy schedule. However, each of us has its different way in having fun. As for me, during our work we make sure that we are focused on the wellness of our patients. And what i consider having fun is when we...
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