Why doctors are leery about seeking mental health care for themselves

Why doctors are leery about seeking mental health care for themselves

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Suicidal and depressed physicians reported a fear of losing their licenses.
10 Jan 2017 - General
Shunjie Chua in my country medical certificate is necessary for admission in medical schools and in admission forms you have to mention chronic illness if you have. I live in a developing country where less focus is given to the psychiatric illnesses and not at all in government and public sector. its good to hear about Singapore. these things must be addressed. strict working hours, dealing with emergencies et...
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It is quite common for health care professionals to acquire mental health disorders because of their profession. There is such a thing we call "transference" which is an unconscious tendency to associate ourselves with what has been presented to us. The most susceptible healthcare professionals to this are psychiatrists. I think that seeking professional help should not be something to be ashamed of. It is of paramount importance to be mentally and physically fit in order to be able to...
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Mental diseases are still considered to be a social stigma in many countries and not only the common people, but the healthcare professionals also fear to take treatment for it as it may affect their social image. Moreover, as discussed in the post, there are chances that they may lose their licenses for practice if found to be suffering from certain mental ailments. I think strict guidelines should be made and government should make it compulsory for HCP to have their physical and mental check ...
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This is really a hot topic, having appeared twice in almost a month. Afaque Ali Is there any mention of mental illnesses in your country's medical registration. In Singapore, there is a checkbox which is similar to the one mentioned in the washington's post author(i.e. Self declaration of mental disorders). I think the authorities should really come out to state their stance to mental disorders in medical...
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