Malaysia tops international list as country with “best healthcare in the world”

Malaysia tops international list as country with “best healthcare in the world”

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The Health Minister has promised to continue providing quality healthcare to patients, after the International Living magazine recognised Malaysia for its affordable and accessible healthcare system.
10 Jan 2017 - General
Congratulations Malaysia on your achievement. It is a fairly known fact among Sri Lankan's also that Malaysia, and also Singapore has quality affordable healthcare. We often see politicians and VIPs going to one of these countries to get treatmen...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz
There is no doubt that health is one of the important elements that any country, if they enhance it, will be a developing one.
Malaysian government is doing their ...
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This makes me proud that Asia is becoming an emerging hub for medical tourism. This just says that the skills and competency of medical and health care professionals here in the Asia-Pacific region are also topnotch and world-class. Hopefully, this w...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz I have not really done any research on the healthcare system in Malaysia, but i believe that the quality of the should be based on the outcomes. I have not seen Malaysia d...
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I agree with Shunjie Chua that we have lots of unanswered questioned about this ranking’s credibility. However, we can’t ignore the fact that the Malaysian government is providing a good ...
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It is very admirable that an Asian country holds the title of being the best healthcare provider in the world. This somehow gives people who live in nearby countries a sense of security especially for those with relatives with rare forms of diseases....
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This is really a peculiar rating because it does not include many of the other countries which we normally associate with good healthcare. I looked closely at the original link “
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It is a good news that the healthcare facilities are improving in Asian countries and the standards of healthcare are being ranked among the top nations worldwide. First Singapore and then Malaysia, the health system is being optimized and being pati...
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