Pharmacists: Riding on the waves of The 2020 Healthcare Manpower Plan

Pharmacists: Riding on the waves of The 2020 Healthcare Manpower Plan

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In 2013, Singapore was in fifth place for Life Expectancy at Birth across the globe, meaning that Singaporeans are now living longer and better. In light of this, the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Singapore has launched the 2020 Healthcare Manpower Plan, a blueprint for the future of healthcare in Singapore.
10 Jan 2017 - General
The population in the world is rapidly aging and all kinds of new diseases and drugs are emerging. So it is very important to have a goal oriented approach in healthcare facilities. This work done by the singapore government is really great and I thi...
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Madhubabu kaaja the gain from the huge efforts done in Malaysia concerning the healthcare sector is remarkable and I believe it will reach unlimited success.
Pharmacists already occupyin...
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Health care systems are very crucial for every nation. I congratulate Singapore with the world re-known health care system and further for health care Man power Plan vision. This vision seems an efficient plan to improve the skills and services of he...
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It is very admirable that Singapore has concrete and specific plans for the healthcare system in their country. This would be very beneficial especially for their ageing population. With regards to the pharmacists, I think that they should treat this...
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Singapore is going to be no 1 in health care as it wants to improve health care so as the part it planning 2020 manpower health care plan preparing healthcare persons for oldage people and improving technology oriented healthcare. This vision is usef...
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