The pharmacist’s role in promoting immunisation programmes

The pharmacist’s role in promoting immunisation programmes

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Throughout the world, many countries have started to give pharmacists a hands-on role in administering vaccines. These countries include the United States, Australia, Portugal, Ireland and the United Kingdom. So just what does this role encompass?
11 Jan 2017 - General
In Malaysia, vaccines are strictly regulated. They can only be prescribed through special authorized doctors. Jemelyn Mae Sodusta ...
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Mahmoud AbdelAziz
Also in my country pharmacists role limited to pharmacy work and dispensing medications to patients beside sales and marketing roles in pharmaceutical companies.
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In the Philippines, pharmacists have a limited role in the administration of vaccines. Local immunization programs are usually done in local health centers and private clinics. Vaccinations that are part of the routine newborn care are readily admini...
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As told by Jemelyn Mae Sodusta pharmacist are not allowed to administer vaccines and prescribe medication. But as told by ...
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May i know if this is happening in your place Mahmoud AbdelAziz ? Here in our country, the practice of our pharmacist is specified to preparing, sone may give health education about a certa...
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The pharmacist role differs from country to another. They have some prescriptive authorities in some countries and they lack these authorities in other countries. The current trend of allowing pharmacists to actively participate in vaccination jabs c...
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