MOH Malaysia revokes both of Hovid's manufacturing licences

MOH Malaysia revokes both of Hovid's manufacturing licences

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The pharmaceutical company announced that its manufacturing licences have been revoked by the Ministry of Health on 9 January due to compliance issues. Hovid said that it is in the midst of investigations and expects to implement required preventive measures to avoid re-occurrence.
11 Jan 2017 - General
As said Artheei Keyan , the Quality assurance (QA) team has the responsibility in all the manufacturing, packing and dispatch of the finished medicines. We often consider as QA as police in I...
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Pharmaceutical companies should ensure that the quality of their products are manufactured and labelled correctly. This inconsistency will surely affect its consumers. They should make sure that they are releasing correct products with right label an...
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In this case, the QA authority must have been more precise to screen products being manufactured there. Even a noted pharmaceutical company have the probability to conduct such mishape. It relies in each segmented portion of the personnel to be more ...
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Inadequate compliance has resulted in immediate revocation of the manufacturing licenses of pharmaceutical company. The Malaysian government has found out that some of the labelled atenolol 50mg drug contained in fact atenolol 100mg. This would have ...
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