NUS study: Incidence of paracetamol overdose predominant in young adults

NUS study: Incidence of paracetamol overdose predominant in young adults

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The study revealed that some incidences of paracetamol overdose occur unintentionally, highlighting the need for healthcare providers to educate the public and promote awareness of the consequences of its overdose.
11 Jan 2017 - General
Madhubabu kaaja
It is important that health ministry start an awareness campaigns about paracetamol and other analgesics.
Not just Adolescent but also elderly depend on analgesics too much for any aches they feel and they think that the more uptakes the faster the medicine will work ignoring the recommended dose for them.
I know many friends who depend on paracetamol on daily basis for headaches inste...
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This topic is very much familiar to me as I have encountered a lot of similar cases in the ER of Paracetamol intoxication. Usually, patients who come in with this chief complaint are women belonging to the adolescent population. Paracetamol is readily available over the counter in the Philippines. Ingestion of 20 tablets can cause hepatotoxicity or liver damage. Gastric lavage is usually done to these patients along with IV hydration. A liver profile and a whole abdominal ultrasound is also warr...
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Madhubabu kaaja The study should be interpreted in the context that suicide is a chargeable offense under Singapore law, hence there is a incentive to hide the fact that one has overdosed in an attempt to commit suicide. It is also very coincidental that the patient profile matches the age group which is most likely to commit suicide .As this is a retrospective study, there is a chance that a proportion of the pat...
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