Mental health, psychology and nursing

Mental health, psychology and nursing

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Nursing is usually seen as a profession which cares for the physical needs of patients. Yet, it is a fact that the holistic health and wellness of a person depends on the state of both their physical and mental health, so in this article we shall put physical health on the sidelines for a bit, and explore how mental health and nursing are connected.
11 Jan 2017 - General
In my point of view, i really find this job challenging. Just imagining how hard it is to manage pschychiatric patients. However, i had this one conversation from my supervisor. She was actually a pschychaitric nurse (working in a mental hospital) when she was in her younger days. However, she find her work boring which urges her to transfer to a public hospital where gives her an opportunity to learn and improve her skills. She shared that being assigned in mental hospital, you must be ready me...
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We cant just imagine 1 in 4 people suffering from mental disorders worldwide. Mental health is affected by internal and external reasons and moreover majority are external reasons only. What would you say. Right. Promoting mental health is a great task for healthcare professionals as it is major concern worldwide. Especially nurses who are in direct contact with patients can recover them in a best way than others cannot. Nurses in psychiatrist or general physicians ward can guide, interaact, cou...
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