The dangerous task of prescribing medications to newborns

The dangerous task of prescribing medications to newborns

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Prescribing and administering medication to newborns is famously a game of trial and error. How can we lower the stakes of this perilous gamble between life and death?
11 Jan 2017 - General
The organ systems of a newborn, including the liver where drugs are usually metabolized, have not reached its full maturity at birth and will continue to mature as they grow older. That is why drugs should not be administered to neonates as if they a...
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The physiologic system of neonates is different from infants and children and requires special care. So, there are specialists doctors and special neonatal wards for the treatment of newborns. The neonates that are born prematurely may require more s...
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It is hilarious that 90 % medications administered to newborns are not FDA approved. Neonates are administered drugs whose dosage are neither tested not approved as mentioned in this article. The reason behind this un-approval is lack of clinical tri...
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