Given a choice, would you choose medicine all over again?

Given a choice, would you choose medicine all over again?

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Career and life choices are very personal, but a career in medicine, with its intense training path and less-than-appealing lifestyle is widely regarded in a negative light. Even so, many are willing to move mountains to join the profession.
11 Jan 2017 - General
It is really inspiring to read comments coming from our community. Seeing them how satisfied and contented they are with their career, made me think too. Anyway, I can see the struggles, sacrifices and risk of medical students, and even doctors in our daily grind. It is indeed exhausting especially when you have a family to take care, a books to read, a patient to assess and a never ending duty shift. Glad that we have these people who willingly offers their time just to address our health needs...
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This is a very interesting question that I have been asked several times by some colleagues and friends. I always answer with a yes. Despite the challenges of training and clinical practice, I think that all the sacrifice is worth it when you see your patients improve and survive their illness. Of course, there are those who do not make it, but only a few people are given the privilege of making the last few moments of a person's life comfortable. And for that, Yes, I would choose medicine a...
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