What to do upon receiving complaints about your healthcare staff?

What to do upon receiving complaints about your healthcare staff?

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No medical practice is immune from complaints from patients. As the owner of a medical practice, it would be most unusual to not have received any sort of complaint, whether big or small, about your medical practice, your staff members, or even you yourself. It is important to handle these complaints well, because no matter how trivial they may seem at first, they have the potential to ruin the reputation of your medical practice.
11 Jan 2017 - General
Complaints will always be a part of our everyday practice. Nobodys perfect and these can be warning signs for us to seek further improvement in every situation. Though each complain must be taken seriously, don't take it negatively. Take it like it is an opportunity for us to improve and become the best that we can be. Sometimes, we have these bad days wherein it may affect our mood and way of thinking. Just keep calm, listen to the sentiments of tho one who's complaining and re assure t...
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It is quite common to encounter complaints from patients and as cliche as it may seem "the patient/customer is always right" that is why medical personnel should be equipped with the patience of a Chinese monk especially when dealing with frantic and difficult patients. I agree with what has been said in this article that a single complaint can cause the reputation of the entire establishment. So much is at stake. It is vital in every medical practice to have regular meetings with the ...
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